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Instantly find Steve Nison's favorite candle patterns in your markets, and more!

"How To Find The Best Potential Winners With This Exciting New Breakthrough In Candlestick Recognition Software... Quickly and Easily!"

This Innovation Saves HOURS Of Research Time And
Helps Boost Your Trading Profits...

Improve the quality of your trades by making smarter decisions... because you can count on the software's ability to accurately pinpoint the candle patterns for you!
Save hours of of research time... we do all the hard work for you!
Automatically find Steve Nison's favorite candle patterns... all it takes is a few mouse clicks!
Instantly find all occurrences of any pattern you choose... across all markets to zero in on the best trading opportunities!

Discover which patterns are happening on your specific charts... to help you learn how to accurately identify candlestick patterns!


How Steve Uses NCS To Set Up His Trades

Act quickly and you'll also get the insightful video, "How Steve Uses NCS To Set Up His Trades"

This video shows you how we use Nison Candle Scanner in our trading and how you can, too.

Focus is on speeding up your daily analysis and using the software to pinpoint the best trading opportunities.

Not available anywhere else!

Bonus Value: $149 

Dear Trader,

Here’s how you can uncover ALL of the markets that match the exact candlestick pattern you’re looking for – in real time!

Imagine sitting at your computer … typing a few keys … and before you can take another sip of coffee you’re now looking at every market that is currently in a bullish engulfing pattern.

How about a Doji?

No problem…

Or a Bullish Harami?

You’ve got it…

How can it be that simple to instantly find ALL of the markets that are currently in any of the most powerful Japanese candlestick chart patterns?

Here’s how – I’ve developed an amazing new trading tool designed to help you make better trades fast!


"Any trader who relies on candlestick charting will find [NCS] a fast, flexible, and efficient tool that could add to their trading effectiveness."

– Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Magazine (Nov. 2010)



It's the #1 Goal of Traders Everywhere:
Spend LESS Time Looking For Potential Winners

The secret to trading success isn’t working harder. It’s all about working SMARTER.

Smart traders know how to breeze through their “big picture” analysis as quickly as possible so they can focus on individual trading situations.

Forget about manually slogging through chart after chart trying to find every market that’s currently in a bullish engulfing pattern – and hoping that what you’re looking at really IS a bullish engulfing pattern…

And forget about pulling your hair out while trying to write your own computer code to pinpoint these candlestick patterns yourself…

Let Me Do All The Work For You

When I decided to develop my own advanced candle scanning software, I worked with my programmers to create a “push-button” easy way to identify my favorite candlestick patterns.

So they took all of my rules for the most powerful and proven candlestick chart patterns and did all the complex programming to make them work lightning fast!

Then I spent months and months verifying the results. I wanted to be absolutely certain that each of these candlestick patterns was 100% accurate.

If you want to see all the markets in a morning star, then it’s my responsibility to make sure that you’re really looking at a morning star.

Thanks to the 25+ years I’ve spent totally immersed in the world of candlestick charting techniques and the proper use of them, you can be certain that you won’t find anyone else on the planet better qualified to have working for you.

I’m your man!

Finally, I was satisfied that we had something extremely accurate and remarkably useful for traders like you…

Introducing Nison Candle Scanner

It’s important to note that I’ve personally designed Nison Candle Scanner from the ground up to find patterns based on my own strategies. You'll get my in-depth knowledge and experience I’ve worked hard to develop. I’ve literally written the “Bibles” of candlestick charting.

You need a scanning product you can trust.

That’s why Nison Candle Scanner™ has my name on it.

And it’s so remarkably easy to use. You don’t need to know how to program a computer. You don’t need to write any formula code. You don’t even need to know how to tell the difference between a “hammer” and a “doji.”

That’s our job.

You just pick the pattern you want from a list and – in real time – you’ll see ALL the markets that meet my criteria for that pattern pop-up right on your computer screen!

Then you can use your favorite technical tools to zero in on the markets with confirming signals to help put the odds in your favor and maximize your trading profits.

I hand-picked the very best candlestick patterns and created the filters to sift through thousands of markets for you in record time.

WOW — FREE BONUS UPGRADE! Nison Candle Scanner will work in ALL markets.  As one of the first to get Nison Candle Scanner, we have included a free upgrade to Nison Candle Scanner Pro... which includes the intraday module (a $495 value) and the FX module (a $995 value) at no additional cost.

Why NinjaTrader Is The Perfect Partner
For Nison Candlestick Scanner

You'll love how well Nison Candlestick Scanner integrates with the totally FREE NinjaTrader platform:

You’ll be up and running in just a few minutes


The built-in technical analysis tools are fabulous


It is a free charting platform, which includes free data feeds


NinjaTrader is very simple to use – even for beginners



Product Review: Jake Phan

A Must For Any Trader...

"It's like trading with Steve Nison right next to you. No second guessing yourself. 

Forget about the cost of the software, I made $1640 the next morning trading RUT using the Nison Candle Scanner. It's a must have for any trader. 

If you lost money in the market then you seriously need NCS."

– Jake Phan


Product Review: Dwayne McKinley

Started Identifying Shooting Stars And Hammers Within Minutes...

“I was able to download and start indentifying Shooting Stars and Hammers within MINUTES.

Saves countless hours of analysis time and makes reacting to the developing patterns much faster.  One could have seen the Shooting Stars developing on July 1st and reacted to them before the market close, well ahead of the next several days’ downtrend.

This is a great educational tool and also inspires trading confidence by having the capability of Steve’s insight right on the chart you are studying.”

– Dwayne McKinley


Product Review: Benhard Faske

Feel Confident From Day One...

“NCS is your Nison candlestick trading coach. This gives the Nison Candlestick trader the ability to feel confident from day one no matter how much candlestick experience you have as a trader.

Using the candlestick patterns correctly gives higher trade success.”

– Benhard Faske


Product Review: Maggi Victoia

Identifies The Patterns That Show The Most Frequent Winners And The Highest Returns...

“The average trader can use NCS to study their losing trades, to identify the candle patterns they are misreading or missing, thus to decrease their failure rate. They can also use NCS to identify the candle patterns that show the most frequent winners and the highest returns, so they can concentrate their time on these and increase their profits.”

– Maggi Victoia


Product Review: Bryan Peltz

Confirmation For Any Trades I Want To Make...

“…NCS as confirmation for any trades I want to make. And I can weed out the stocks I want to pursue. I also see NCS keeping me out of trades that are going against me from the start.”

– Bryan Peltz



Why Nison Candle Scanner
Will Become Your Favorite Trading Tool --


Great News! Nison Candle Scanner is available as an instant download. Nothing will be shipped to you, which means no waiting for the delivery man!

All of the filtering and analysis that Nison Candle Scanner™ performs for you is done instantaneously over the Internet using proprietary filtering technology that alerts you to candlestick patterns in real-time.

You can filter all daily or longer term markets (plus intraday for alerts), all the time, and have only those meeting pre-specified criteria instantly be called to your attention. What could be easier and more powerful!

Using the most powerful filtering capability over the internet, Nison Candle Scanner™ acts as a powerful information refinery, alerting traders and investors to only the types of high-payoff, personalized ideas they want to see, filtering out any and all irrelevant information.

Product performance occurs on a real-time basis - before the value of the filtered information perishes.


Candlestick Pattern Filtering


With Nison Candle Scanner™, you can filter a universe of markets (stocks, indexes, Forex, futures, etc) for any specific candlestick signal — and then watch as ALL the markets with that pattern will be listed. Then just click on a market to view the chart!

NCS for NinjaTrader works on daily or longer-term charts. It even works on intraday with the FREE "Nison Intraday Scanner" included as your special bonus for a limited time. (a $295 value)

Step 1. Pick one or more of my 28 favorite candle signals. (These signals are all pre-programmed and ready to use!) In this example, I've picked a Bullish Engulfing Pattern.


Step 2. Choose a single market, or a market group for which you want to find the patterns, such as S&P 500. You can even put your own list of markets to filter (i.e., the 10 markets you track most closely).  For this example I chose the Dow stocks to filter for a bullish engulfing pattern.


Step 3. All of the markets that are currently in the pattern we've selected show up in this quick and easy pick list.


Step 4. When you view the chart (in this case MMM) the pattern's signal is highlighted on the chart for you to view in an instant!



Candlestick Pattern Highlighting


In addition to finding all of the markets that are currently in a particular candlestick pattern, you can also use Nison Candle Scanner™ to quickly identify all of the different candlestick patterns that appeared in a specific time frame for any individual stock or market.

And there are two ways to have the Nison pattern displayed: the full name of the pattern (as show above) or as an abbreviation of the pattern name.

As a bonus, if you use the abbreviation of the pattern name, all you need do is click on the abbreviation and the full name is displayed at the lower left.




Add Custom Chart Alerts


Select a market – or a group of markets – and in real-time you will be alerted when ANY of those markets hit the Nison candle patterns you want to follow. Works in any time frame. This is a great time saver!

Step 1. Pick any (or all!) of the pre-programmed Nison candle signals to automatically track in your markets.


Step 2. Customize your alerts with a pop-up window, special audio alerts, and more!


Step 3. Choose the markets you want Nison Candle Scanner to automatically track for you and you're ready to go!

When any of your Nison candle signals occur on any of your markets, you'll be alerted instantly!

Also set up your Alert Window to be notified in REAL TIME when any of the candle signals and markets you're following hit a candle signal.

In this example, the alert is set to show bull candle signals as green and bear signals as red.




Get Up To Speed FAST With Our
Comprehensive NCS Resource Materials

When you order your copy of Nison Candle Scanner, you'll have full access to the full NCS resource directory.

This will give you a complete assortment of training materials to make sure you get up to speed with this powerful tool as quickly as possible.

PLUS, check out these bonuses to further help you get the most from Nison Candle Scanner...

Instant Free Upgrade To NCS Pro!

As one of the first to get Nison Candle Scanner, you will also receive these valuable FREE UPGRADES to Nison Candle Scanner PRO...

  • The NCS intraday module (a $495 value)

  • The FX module (a $995 value)

These free upgrade modules are automatically included in your copy of Nison Candle Scanner ... ready for you to use immediately upon registration... at no additional cost!

Not available anywhere else!

Bonus Value: $1,490


Best Practices Using NCS

This video shows you how we use Nison Candle Scanner in our trading and how you can, too.

Focus is on speeding up your daily analysis and using the software to pinpoint the best trading opportunities.

Not available anywhere else!

Bonus Value: $149


NCS Quick Reference Guide

With the NCS Quick Reference Guide, you'll discover the 28 candle patterns we use inside the Nison Candle Scanner.

We walk you through each of the candlestick patterns included in the software and show you how they are noted on your charts for instant identification.

Not available anywhere else!

Bonus Value: $49 


Candle Pattern Quick Reference Video

In this video bonus, we show you all the 28 patterns used in the software, and walk you through a quick explanation of how to interpret and use the pattern in your decision making.

Not available anywhere else!

Bonus Value: $129 


How Steve Uses NCS To Set Up His Trades

Act quickly and you'll also get the insightful video, "How Steve Uses NCS To Set Up His Trades"

This video shows you how we use Nison Candle Scanner in our trading and how you can, too.

Focus is on speeding up your daily analysis and using the software to pinpoint the best trading opportunities.

Not available anywhere else!

Bonus Value: $149 


Product Review: Benjamin Quarless

Scans The Market In Minutes...

“NCS scans the market to create a watch list in a manner of minutes. And then use this watch list to pick the best chart patterns for the next day trades. NCS can also be used to see how the trader’s favorite candle pattern has worked in the past.”  

– Benjamin Quarless



Product Review: Jessica Dai

Identifies Potential Trades Faster And
Highlights The Patterns Clearly...

“I can spend more time analyzing the trade (trade management/risk reward), rather than finding candle patterns.  NCS helps enhance a trader's confidence because it reinforces patterns the trader recognizes.  This is especially true for traders who have just started with candles. NCS is also a great educational tool/supplement for those who undergo Steve's training.

It identifies potential trades faster and highlights the patterns clearly so that I wouldn't have to sit there and analyze whether or not it really closed more than halfway beneath the previous bar, or whether the tail is really twice as long as the body.  Best of all, it'll show me the really tiny windows that are impossible to see unless I mouse over for the exact price points.”  

– Jessica Dai



Product Review: Mark Kowalkowski

A Trader's Dream...

“I was quickly and easily able to implement all of the features of the NCS software.  And that it was coupled with the free NinjaTrader was especially helpful.

NCS saves time for quicker and timelier analysis potentially leading to better trades, fewer losses, and more profitability.  A tool such as this that provides quick and accurate analysis is a trader’s dream.”

– Mark Kowalkowski



Helpful FAQs


Q: “What do you mean by filtering and how will it help me?”

A: The proprietary filtering technology in Nison Candlestick Scanner(NCS) utilizes real-time analysis of technical data for any universe of markets. Users are able to filter any markets, all the time, and have only those meeting pre-specified criteria instantly be called to their attention. Online investors immediately benefit from a continuous, real-time stream of investment and trading ideas. Online brokers immediately benefit through increased trader activity. It is important to note that product performance occurs on a real-time basis, before the value of the filtered information perishes.

 Q: “What are the System Requirements for NCS for NinjaTrader?”

A: NCS works with NinjaTrader which is a free technical analysis platform. And you can even use a free data feed from Yahoo. So it is a no expense way to try out the NCS. Also, NCS is designed to work on Windows-based personal computers. It will not work on Mac computers.

Q: “Since NCS works with NinjaTrader what is the best way to learn how to use NinjaTrader first?”

A: Once you get your risk-free copy of Nison Candle Scanner you will be given a special resource link (we call the NCS Resource Page) with all the resources you need to learn NinjaTrader and NCS. To see how quick and easy it is to learn Ninja trader click here for  a 5 minute overview:

The Resource Page also includes links to both the text and video versions of the User's Manual to accelerate your understanding of how to use Nison Candle Scanner.

Q: “What if I have questions about using any of the powerful features in NCS?”

A:  Once you invest in NCS we will send you detailed videos so you quickly harness the power of NCS. And if you have any questions on using NCS after you watch these videos please contact us at

Q: “What time frames will NCS work with?”

A:  NCS works with daily charts or longer term. For a limited time we are giving free upgrades to NCS which includes the intraday module (a $495 value) plus the FX module (a $995 value) at no additional cost. This offer may be cancelled at any time, so you need to act quickly to take advantage of this opportunity.

Q: “What markets does NCS work with?”

A: As a bonus, for a limited time we are including the intraday and FX modules with a total value of $1,490. As such, it works with all markets your data feed provides is supported. For a list of data feed providers click here:

For any other questions on supported data feeds please contact

Q: “What if I already have Steve Nison's scanning software that works with Trade Navigator?”

A: Contact for your special pricing.

Q: “Will I be able to see the definitions of the candlestick signals?”

A: All of these are propriety candlestick patterns and they take into account not only the definition of the candlestick signal but such key considerations as what is an up or down trend, what is a “long” real body, when are the shadows too large or small for certain patterns, and other factors. Because they are proprietary, the underlying definitions are not publicly available.

Q: “Does NinjaTrader work with Mac computer?”

A: NinjaTrader is a MS Windows based application and does not support the Mac OS natively. However, it can be run within a Mac environment through one of the following virtualization applications:

* Parallels Desktop for Mac
* VMware Fusion
* Apple Boot Camp

Although Ninja does not guarantee that NinjaTrader will run as designed in these virtual modes, they have run in-house tests on the above listed applications and have not run into any known issues. (If you have questions, contact them directly at

Q: “Is NinjaTrader a trading or charting platform?”

A: One of the reasons we chose Ninja is because they offer a no cost charting package that is easy to use.  And you can even get a free data feed- either on a delayed basis from Yahoo or real time when you have an account from one of Ninja’s selected brokers.  And NinjaTrader gives you the flexibility to convert it to a trading platform for a onetime fee.  More details at


Q: “What if I want to get Steve Nison's newest
DVD Training Programs?”

A: If you don't have Steve's newest DVD training program (the Candlesticks MegaPackage shown below) and are ready to reach Nison Expert Level, we can design a customized educational package just for you.

To find out what kind of savings you can receive, please contact Paul Siegel at

Paul will return your email as quickly as possible (usually within 24 hours). If you would like Paul to call you by telephone to discuss your savings, please be sure to include your telephone number in your email.





Product Review: Stu McAlpin

Eye Opening...

“Your screener woke me up to the candle patterns in a real world. It was  eye opening.”  

– Stu McAlpin



Product Review: Simeon Tchervenelekov

Simple To Use...

“NCS is simple to use …  I turn the NCS on to see am I right or wrong. In this way I learn fast, easy and acquire solid confidence.”

– Simeon Tchervenelekov



Profit From This Groundbreaking New Software At NO RISK
With My 10-Day Money Back Guarantee!

I want you to see for yourself how easy and POWERFUL my new Nison Candle Scanner software can be for you.

That means you can order Nison Candle Scanner today... use it as much as you want to see how effortlessly it will pinpoint candle patterns for you, and even find the markets where certain patterns are occurring right now... literally put it through the wringer for a FULL 10 DAYS*. (Your 10-day trial period begins when you place your order.)

If you don't agree that it's everything I've promised... everything you hoped it would be... then simply return it for a full refund of your purchase price.

I guarantee you'll be thrilled with this one-of-a-kind software package!

Seminar Option #1
Join Us In-Person In New Jersey

For the convenience of people flying in from all points around the globe for this one-time seminar, we’re holding it just minutes away from the Newark International Airport.

Seminar Dates
April 9-10, 2011

Daily Teaching Time
9:00am – 4:00pm Eastern (New York time) each day (though I’ll stick around to answer all your questions)  

Seminar Hotel

Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott Hotel at 1 Hotel Road, Newark, New Jersey 07114  

Telephone Reservation Number

1-800-228-9290 (tell them you’re with the “Candlecharts Seminar” to get the discounted rate of just $99 per night). The direct number is 973-623-0006.

We’ve made special arrangements with the hotel to give you special reduced room rates for the Friday and Saturday nights.

Please realize, though, that there are only a limited number of rooms available at this special low rate. The discount is only available until the room allotment is sold out.

We’ve also made sure that the hotel will have a free shuttle to and from the Newark International Airport. It’s a short ride… just 5-8 minutes away.


Register For “The Candlestick Summit”
Live In-Person Seminar Now!

Regular Price $2,195

Super Early Bird $795


Get The Seminar And Nison Candle Scanner Together For One Special Price

Regular Price $3,690

Super Early Bird $1,890

REFUND POLICY – PLEASE READ BEFORE REGISTERING: Due to the extremely low special tuition amount for this seminar, no refunds will be given. If you register and cannot attend either in person on on line, you will receive equal credit for another live or webcast event event or any of Steve’s training products. By registering for this seminar, you agree to these terms.



Seminar Option #2

Join Us via Live Online Simulcast

Now You Can Participate From Anywhere!

Just a few months ago we discovered an exciting new technology. It allows us to broadcast the upcoming “The Candlestick Summit” seminar from New Jersey across the Internet. Which means you can join us from the comfort of your own home, office, hotel, or anywhere you may be!

If you have a computer with an Internet connection of at least 1.5MB download speed, you can join us for the entire seminar. You will see Steve as he teaches, plus all of his slides will appear on your screen. And you can also participate in the real-time “test your knowledge” sections of the seminar, ask Steve questions, work with fellow attending traders online, and ask Steve about the markets of your choice. You won’t miss a thing!

Yes, attending live with us is still the best way to get the most from this seminar.

But if that doesn’t work for you, this Live Web Simulcast may be right for you!


This Is Your Live Web Simulcast Control Panel


Exciting New Simulcast Technology

This Simulcast technology is very simple to use so you don’t need to worry. That’s because you can grab your Simulcast spot now before they are all taken, and then quickly and easily determine that your computer is able to connect to our Simulcast server and you can see everything on your end. Plus, the on-demand recording of the entire seminar will be available for two weeks to all registered Simulcast participants.


Before Registering For The Live Online Simulcast, Check Your Internet Connection
You need to have a high speed Internet connection with at least  .5 Mbps download speed.
For your convenience, you can test your Internet connection speed at this website:
On your screen you will see this, make sure you click the “Start” button:

When the test is complete it will display a page with many numbers. Go to the bottom and check the “Download Speed” number. For the Simulcast to work correctly, your Download Speed must be .5 Mbps or higher. You can ignore the upload speed.

Note: wireless connections can have interference and fluctuations, As such we strongly suggest hard wired. But if you use wireless and there are any issues remember you will have access to the video of the session. For specific details go to:


Seminar Day Setup Session

On the first day of the seminar, you must log in at 8:30am EST to again test your Simulcast connection.

The live streaming platform we are using is very experienced with this type of event and have made the login process very easy.


About The Seminar Recording

• You will have unlimited access for TWO WEEKS following the seminar

• Accessible on up to two of your own computers

• Will be distributed as streaming video, similar to how you watch videos on YouTube

• You will be given a private login not to be shared with others


Works With ALL Computers, Including Macs

If your computer has high speed access (as noted above) and a web browser with the Adobe Flash Player, you will be able to access the seminar. Nearly all newer computers automatically include the Adobe Flash Player. If yours does not have the Adobe Flash Player, it is available as a free download.


Communicate With Steve During The Seminar

To submit your questions and markets for Steve to analyze, simply type them into the chat window of the Simulcast screen. Steve will answer your questions to ensure you fully understand all the material being taught.


Receive All Seminar Bonuses

All of the bonuses you see above are yours when you participate via Simulcast. And remember, you will also be able to ask Steve to analyze the markets of your choice as well as any other questions you may have.


Receive All Handouts & Materials

You will be able to download the handouts and charts for each day’s training directly from the web conferencing platform we use for the Simulcast. Then take notes on the handouts and charts to maximize your learning.


Receive Full Seminar Schedule

Before the seminar begins, you will also receive each day’s complete schedule. That way, you’ll know when the scheduled breaks will be.


Hear All Questions And Comments From Live Attendees

Steve will repeat all questions and comments from live audience members to ensure you don’t miss a thing.


Followup Support By Email

When you get back to your trading routine after the seminar, you will naturally have questions about the candlestick strategies you learn at the seminar. That’s why we will give you full support by email to ensure you get answers to your questions.


Additional Questions About How The Simulcast Works?

Send your questions to us at:


Register For “The Candlestick Summit”
Live Online Simulcast Seminar Feed Now!

Regular Price $2,195

Super Early Bird $795


Get The Simulcast And Nison Candle Scanner Together For One Special Price

Regular Price $3,690

Super Early Bird $1,890


REFUND POLICY – PLEASE READ BEFORE REGISTERING: Due to the extremely low special tuition amount for this seminar, no refunds will be given. If you register and cannot attend either in person on on line, you will receive equal credit for another live or webcast event event or any of Steve’s training products. By registering for this seminar, you agree to these terms.


Why not begin using Nison Candle Scanner™ risk free today? I know you'll profit from this powerful tool we've created for you...


Steve Nison, CMT

P.S. Every trader needs a helping  hand. This is your chance to try the top candlestick pattern finding software available — risk free! Discover for yourself how Nison Candle Scanner will speed up your analysis and help you pinpoint good trading opportunities in just minutes. Get your copy absolutely risk-free now...